Our ROCKstars

We are extremely proud of our ROCKstars. We would not put anyone on our podium that we do not love. We guarantee you will not find a better list of instructors anywhere. Come experience for yourself.

  • Gianna Amato


    Gianna Amato

    Gianna’s experience brings instant credibility to any class she teaches as she is Mad Dogg Star 3, Schwinn and Edge certified. When Gianna steps on the platform get ready for an intense and challenging ride.  She will take you up mountains and have you sprinting back down to a variety of music that will have you riding to the beat.  Her intense style will push you out of your comfort zone. When you are done you will leave the studio feeling energized and relieved it is over!

  • Julie Neumann


    Julie Neumann

    Julie brings unmatched experience through her 25 years of teaching spin. She is Mad Dogg and Schwinn Power certified who got her start teaching classes in Manhattan and it's been love ever since that first ride. Her classes will help riders build an aerobic base that enables them to build upon endurance and strength while always keeping the playlist fresh with music for everyone, from the 60's through today.  Eighty percent of the effort is getting to the class -- Julie will take you the rest of the way!

  • Michelle Shashoua


    Michelle Shashoua

    Michelle took her first cycle class almost 20 years ago and has never looked back!  Michelle’s energy is contagious.  She is Mad Dogg certified specializing in rides that are challenging, motivating and tons of FUN!  You can expect to hear anything from pop, Rock, Alternative, Hip hop and Mashups. Her music always has a strong rhythmic beat that you will connect with.  Her class is guaranteed to push you beyond your limits. She strives to make you stronger, more confident and have FUN. When you ride with Michelle it will be love at first ride!

  • Mike Beaudoin

    Mike B

    Mike Beaudoin

    Mike is Johnny G Star 3 and SpinPower Instructor certified, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and avid runner. He earned a degree in Exercise Physiology and has taught many group exercise formats but fell in love with spin.  His classes are structured to challenge riders with each pedal stroke to help them reach their fitness goals.   The music selection is varied and he grabs from every genre but each song is selected to be motivating and fun. 

  • Olivia Chrinian


    Olivia Chrinian

    Olivia is certified in Group Fitness, Barre, Yoga, Pilates and Sculpt.  A Minnesota girl but don’t let that “Minnesota Nice” fool you!  She has been around fitness before she was born as her mom was teaching step aerobics up until the day she was born.  Her wide range of certifications shape each class as she blends many techniques in to an “Olivia Fusion” of a class that has our members loving it. It combines laughter, encouragement and lightheartedness that will leave you feeling connected and challenged (as you may feel it for a couple days).  All levels welcome.

  • Sue Young

    Sue Young

    Sue Young

    Sue’s class exudes her personality as she will instantly welcome you with a smile and get to know your name as you settle in. She is Johnny G, Schwin and Edge certified in SPIN but also teaches bootcamp, Insanity and loves Yoga.  In her class you can expect a one-of-a-kind mix of smoothly blended songs from 70’s through today all perfectly choreographed to her instruction as she has you moving on the bike to the beats. It is at this point you start to understand why people travel all over the area to attend her class.  Sue has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years and is a high school teacher in the area.

  • Dina Pecoraro


    Dina Pecoraro

    Dina is Schwinn and Mad Dogg certified with a class that is all about high energy!  Her music is a blend of 70's through today as she works the class around the bike. Get ready to sweat while having a great time and being amazed at how quick the time goes by while you burn those calories.

  • Blanca Grinkovitch


    Blanca Grinkovitch

    Blanca has been a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor for over 20 years. She is Mad Dogg certified and a Master Presenter Cycling Coach for the Eastern Region. Although cycling is a passion, running is where it all started.  She has completed over 20 marathons, even placing 2nd in NJ in 2004 as well many Triathlons. Nothing is ordinary about her class as she mixes music you know with her own twist and injects personality, motivation and a lot of fun.  If she asks you to sing along, just go with it!   In her own words - "I don't exercise and diet, I train and eat."

  • Susan Yedibalian

    Susan Y

    Susan Yedibalian

    Susan's classes are dynamic and high energy with a positive blend of music ranging from pop hits, rock, dance and a bit of everything else.  As both a Mad Dogg Star 3/Schwinn certified instructor and certified personal trainer, she draws on her 13 years of teaching experience to bring out the very best within you.  Get ready to transform the way you look and feel, break through boundaries and make a commitment to SWEAT!

  • Seema Bhatia


    Seema Bhatia

    Seema's classes have personality.  She builds a challenging yet fun class that crosses all genres of music with the goal to make you feel like - "If I can do that, I can do ANYTHING!"  She is a Mad Dog and Schwinn certified instructor plus a personal trainer certified in AFAA Group Fitness, ACE and NASM. Her passion is running and spin with a goal to help as many people get healthy through exercise as possible. 


  • Lynn Power


    Lynn Power

    Fitness is Lynn's passion, she teaches Spin, Stretch and Yoga classes.  She is Mad Dogg Star 3 and Schwinn certified, holds an ACE and AFAA Group Fitness certification and is a 500 hour certified Yoga teacher. Her classes are all about fun and positive energy to help you dig deeper and reach a level you never thought you could. Resistance and form are the focus while threading in heavy beats of rock, grunge, pop and usually a forgotten gem. Her Stretch and Yoga classes will leave you relaxed and ready for what ever is in front of you the rest of the day.

  • Karen Matesic

    Karen M

    Karen Matesic

    Karen is a full time teacher with a passion for fitness and exercise.  She has been teaching indoor cycling for 6 years.  Her teaching style will motivate and encourage riders to push to their limits while having fun.  Karen is an avid runner as well as a Spartan and Tough Mudder fan.  She has done 2 marathons and several other races.  She loves a challenge!

  • Liz Barnet


    Liz Barnet

    Liz started her career in fitness in 2006. Since then, she has acquired a number of certifications including personal training, group fitness, yoga, Pilates, megaformer, pre/post-natal, TRX, and kettlebells. Liz loves to challenge her clients drawing on her varied background and experiences, with a focus on functional movement, injury prevention and recovery, core, and mobility work. Her mantra is "work hard, play harder!" and thinks fitness should first and foremost, be fun. 

  • Alan Brundage


    Alan Brundage

    Alan is a Marine Corps Veteran of Desert Storm, a former police captain, spent 10 years with the Bergen County Police SWAT Team and an avid road cyclist.  He is Schwinn and Mad Dogg Certified (Level II) and all around nice guy.  You can expect a structured ride with hills and resistance with a range of rock and pop mash-ups that will have you pushing your limits with a heavy gear.

  • Danielle Glickman


    Danielle Glickman

  • Karen Simpson

    Karen S

    Karen Simpson

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